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Our Testimonials

Had an implant and everything went great! Dr Haggerty and staff were professional and kind. Highly recommend again.


Robin Pierson

Very good


Gay Mcgee

Professional team. Daughter needed wisdom teeth removed and their team did an excellent job of making her comfortable and relaxed.


Matthew Lauer

Very nice staff. They were professional & attentive throughout my entire procedure. Dr. Haggerty is an excellent Oral Surgeon & I would highly recommend this office to anyone.


Debbie Thompson

For what I had to have done, it was a great experience. I was made to feel that the staff was truly concerned about my comfort. I will return to Lakewood Oral office if I need this service again in the future.


Terri Martin

Had my wisdom teeth pulled on Friday, and the service was great. From scheduling the initial appointment to being called with an update of my expected out of pocket cost, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience in planning my wisdom tooth extraction. Every step of the surgery was explained to me thoroughly to make sure I was comfortable. I was provided guidelines for the days following the procedure and received calls to check up on my progress and to see if I had any questions. It was a great experience, which can’t be said often of teeth extractions, and I will choose this office in the future!


Sudie McCaslin

Very kind and informative, didn’t rush through anything and made sure I understood everything about my procedure.


Rebekah Ryan

Very nice office with nice people

Briana Robinson

What an amazing and compassionate group of people. I was so impressed with their staff, that I brought my daughter and mother to their office for services. Thank you Dr. Haggerty and team!! Michelle Angotti

Joe Angotti

Dr. Haggerty was amazing, very calming and even helped me to the car after the procedure. Loved the entire staff. Will recommend to others.

Malissa Gallup

Very professional staff. My son had four wisdom teeth removed and the procedure was quick and completed with very little discomfort. This was not the first experience with Dr. Haggerty. My son had reconstructive surgery for an orbital blowout 5 years prior. Great to see that he is close to where we live now! Thank you Dr. Haggerty and staff!

– Joshua Buehre

I had a tooth removed and my son had all four of his wisdom teeth removed in June 2018. We were both very pleased with all of the staff at Lakewood. Dr. Haggerty is very competent and has a professional yet caring demeanor. I highly recommend their services.

– Yvonne Galusha

My daughter had all four wisdom teeth removed. The staff took the time to discuss everything with us and make sure we understood the process and the follow up. My daughter did have some follow up that needed to be completed due to dry socket and pain. Again, the staff was great in taking care of my daughter and ensuring a good outcome. We had some concerns about one staff member being too aggressive. Kelly, the office manager quickly addressed our concerns and informed staff and physician about outcomes and the process. We could not have been more impressed with the extra care and attention the staff took to ensure a good outcome. We would recommend this office to all our family and friends.

– Caroline Hammond

I highly recommend Dr. Haggerty and his staff!

– Bridget Honeycutt

Dr Haggerty and his staff are totally amazing! Great experience all around! My daughter had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled on the same day and did not have any issues at all. They called several times to check on her and that’s not something you get nowadays!

– Rob Behler

Dr. Haggerty and his staff are top notch. I’ve had to have some rather unpleasant work done and I’ve felt no pain. His manner is gentle and always takes the patients well being into account first and foremost. If you are trying to make a decision based on these reviews, look no further. I highly recommend Dr. Haggerty and his facilities !!!

– Craig Yancey

I want to give a shout-out to Dr Haggerty for today’s procedure. I was here 4- years ago to get 5- lower jaw implants. Here in the last two weeks , one implant came loose and infected. Called for an appt. Got one the following Friday, TODAY 04/25/2018. I was in MISERY, could NOT wear my dentures, pain, pain, and more pain.!!!!!!! Liquid food / could NOT chew anything. Came in this afternoon , got deadened an hour later the Dr. Haggerty was Unscrewing the implant, less than 5 minutes, done. I hate any kind of a needle with a passion !!!! Major stress for me, Dr. Haggerty took care of my stress, calmed my nerves w/ his assistant, could NOT ask for a better surgeon . I just want to say THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for your expertise , re-assurance and taking care of business. No one needs to go any where else, this is the place for your surgical needs. AWESOME chair-side comforting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

– J.B.

Fantastic doctor and very patient. Thanks for everything!

– Laurel Windsor

Dr. Haggerty and his staff are amazing. I had to have an emergency tooth extraction performed and they worked me in over their lunch break. This is the second time I have seen Dr. Haggerty, he pulled all four of my wisdom teeth which went flawlessly. I was never treated like a last minute inconvenience. Everyone was as caring and compassionate as you could ever ask for. If you need dental surgery and you do not go see Dr. Haggerty and team you are doing yourself a great injustice.

– Shane Morse

I was afraid of having a procedure because of painful experiences at other dental offices (not associated with this office). I had a cyst removed and a bone graft placed. Dr. Haggerty reassured me during the consultation and procedure that he understood my fear and concerns. The procedure was less painful than that of the other specialist and this involved stitches. I cannot say enough about how happy I am with Dr. Haggerty and his staff. This was in February and I continue to improve. Unfortunately, I’m currently dealing with an unrelated root canal. My dentist, whom I’ve seen for years and refereed to Dr. Haggerty, doesn’t seem to understand how difficult it is for me to stay numb. I’ve been in constant pain for a week. Dr. Haggerty understood this issue. Others could learn from him.

– Teresa J

I’m petrified of the dentist. These wonderful women and Dr. Haggerty made this an absolutely wonderful experience for me. From the moment you walk through the door they treat you warmly, like family. I was as comfortable as I’ve ever been in a dental office and the joy these ladies feel doing their jobs is genuine. I laughed and enjoyed myself for the hour and a half I was there. Dr. Haggerty was kind and thoughtful and caring. It was a pleasure to meet him and his entire staff. Thank you all for my best dental experience.

– Kurt Franta

“I had my wisdom teeth removed by Dr Haggerty. Dr Haggerty and his staff were super nice and made me feel at ease. I had no pain after my wisdom teeth procedure. 2 thumbs up for Dr Haggerty and his awesome staff!!!”

– Tabby Lyons

“This group did a phenomenal job! I was a nervous wreck when getting my 4 wisdom teeth removed. They walked me through the process and informed me every step of the way during surgery. I would certainly recommend!”

– Tarold Davis

“Very professional atmosphere from the moment I walked in the door. Everyone was very helpful and Dr. Haggerty was so gentle and very kind. I wouldn’t go anywhere else EVER!”

– Shelly Tagmeyer

“I just got all four of my wisdom teeth removed today. All of the staff was very welcoming and kind, even if they weren’t the ones taking care of me. The procedure went very well and the doctor and staff walked me through the whole process. They made sure to let me know what all they’d be doing to me every step of the way. I’m not sure if the doctor is the one managing this place, but whoever is, is doing a great job! It was a good experience for me definitely ☺️”

– Katherine Henshaw

“Very friendly and welcoming. Beautiful ambiance and free coffee! Best dentist office I have been too .My husband got his tooth pulled yesterday.”

– Kimberly Burton

“We highly recommend and Dr. Haggerty and the entire staff! The entire staff is welcoming and friendly! No one made us feel rushed. Everyone in the office takes the time to answer any and all questions. Beautiful facility – will be bringing 3 more kiddos in the future. Oh, and they call to check on kiddos in the afternoon. Then again today!”

– Kristy Amen

“We had to call today because my husband, who is a cancer patient, was having an issue with his mouth. They told us over the phone what to do and call back if we need to see him. Then my phone rang and Dr. Haggerty was on call, he said why don’t you go ahead and bring him up to the office and I will see him so you won’t worry all weekend. Such kindness and true altruistic attitude.”

– Tanya Lobb

“I went in to have a tooth extracted and the staff and Dr Haggerty were extremely patient with me and all my concerns. He didn’t dare start any procedure without me fully understanding all my options as well as what was about to be done. Dr Haggerty’s bedside manner was amazing and his work was very fast but yet extremely thorough. I would highly recommend this office.”
– Latonya Smith

“Dr. Haggerty was extremely clear and concise on what would happen in the surgery. He walked me through the whole process in plain English, and answered any and all questions. The staff was very friendly and worked like a team on getting the process done as quickly as possible. When they administered the anesthesia, I was out of is and woke up in what felt like a few seconds to the same group of friendly people making sure my recovery went as well as possible. I cannot recommend them enough!”

– Jon Eaten

“This is the 2nd time I have been here to have children’s wisdom teeth removed. Great Staff, Great Doctor, Great Experience. Very friendly when we arrived, didn’t wait more than 5-10 minutes, they explained everything in full detail, offered me drinks while I waited for my son. Perfect example of great medical care! Defiantly would recommend this place!”

– Peggy Renfrow

“Really can’t say enough good about Dr Haggerty and his staff. Always very professional. Always on time. Dr Haggerty and his team took care of my implant. I’m not a person that likes to go anywhere near a dentist, but this group may me feel very comfortable and I would absolutely go back to them. Highly recommend trying this office for extraction and/or implant needs.”

– Enockram

“Great staff, very friendly. Made me feel comfortable and well taken care of. Dr. Haggerty made it quick, easy and as painless as possible!”

– Katie Albert

“I would highly recommend Dr. Haggerty and his staff to everyone! He and his staff were so quick to get me an appointment when I called with a tooth ache. Dr. Haggerty and his staff were so professional, and kind. Had a wonderful experience, and left the office relieved and fully aware of all of the post op instructions!”

– Sherri Matchell

“Had a wonderful experience today at Lakewood Oral! Dr. Haggerty and his assistants were very professional, and quick with my procedure. Dr. Haggerty reviewed everything he planned to do with my tooth extraction before he started, so I knew exactly what he planned to do. Very kind and gentle doctor. Both him and his assistants gave me a chance to ask all of my questions, and reviewed everything I needed to do post operation! Would recommend to all of my family and friends!”

– Morgan Mengel

“Wonderful staff and very patient and kind doctor. Worked us in quickly and very professional. I have already recommended to many friends”

– Maddie Carrender

“Wonderful experience with the staff and Dr Haggerty. The care my son received was excellent and the staff was attentive and gave thorough discharge instructions. I would recommend Lakewood Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery to family and friends.”

– Dori Luzum

“Our 15 yr old daughter’s wisdom teeth were removed today by Dr. Haggerty. Needless to say, she was frightened and nervous. The treatment received by Dr. Haggerty and his team was exceptional! The first thing she said in the post op room was how nice they were to her. Job well done!”

– Stephanie Allen

“Doctor Haggerty removed 4 impacted wisdom teeth yesterday. His office and staff are truly amazing! They scheduled my appointment very quickly which was wonderful due to the level of pain I was in. Like most people, I have very bad dental anxiety. The doctor and nurses were very calming – from the gentle tones of their voices and being thorough in explanation of steps which furthered my ease through the process. The surgery itself was very quick, and while I am sore today, I can tell the recovery process will go quickly. Plus the staff has called both myself and family a few times to check on how I have been doing through the healing process. I HIGHLY recommend Dr.Haggerty and his staff! Thank you all again for such a pleasant experience.”

– Jordan Hale

“This has been the absolute best experience I’ve had when it comes to removing a tooth. Dr. Haggerty is the BEST ORAL SURGEON EVER!! Everyone in the office is absolutely AMAZING!!!”

– Nicci Burton

“My primary dentist recommended Lakewood and specifically Dr. Haggerty. I am so very pleased with the professionalism and courtesy shown by Dr. Haggerty and his staff. The technical aspects of the procedures were very reassuring and comforting. I would like to let everyone know that I recommend Lakewood and will be letting my family and friends know how satisfied I am with my time spent with these folks.”

– Grover Conde

“I went to Dr. Haggerty for a Dental Implant. He explained the procedure in terms I could understand. He is very thorough and professional. His staff is very friendly and kind. I would definitely recommend Dr. Haggerty if you need a Dental Implant!”

– Denise Shockey

“I had a wonderful experience here last week. I was extremely nervous about having my wisdom teeth extracted, and Dr. Haggerty and his staff made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Haggerty himself explained everything in detail before the procedure. It was quick and easy, and I didn’t even have to use any of the pain medicine that was prescribed to me. I would definitely recommend Dr. Haggerty to friends and family.”

– Amber Deets

“I went in very concerned after having a bad experience with my son’s wisdom teeth at a different practice. But just walking into the office felt different. Very friendly and professional. Dr. Haggerty was very informative and caring which put myself and my daughter at ease. Then when we got home the two calls were a great touch. I have already referred this practice to several friends with teens that need teeth pulled. Great experience.”

– Darla Zimmerman

So professional, kind and caring in the process of removing my son’s wisdom teeth. What a great team! Thank you so much!

– Julie Mewes

Was really impressed! The staff went over all information & was friendly. The doctor explained what he was going to do & was extremely kind with a wonderful sense of humor! I highly recommend this dentist!!!

Kathryn Kelly

Great team and great bedside manner from Dr. Haggerty. This is a top notch operation.

Josh O

Had all four wisdom teeth extracted in one appointment. Procedure was a breeze and recovery has been quick and painless. Dr. Haggerty and his staff were informative and hospitable, and they work very fast and are super nice.

Bekr Salti

A first-class operation! The entire team is especially attentive, friendly, and courteous. Dr. Haggerty explained every step of the procedure (extraction of both a wisdom tooth and loose implant, and prep for a new implant) and was quick, painless, and flawless.


My daughter had a procedure this week and Dr. Haggerty and team were great. She was nervous as to be expected but the process was efficient and calm. Definitely recommend this team for children and adults. The office was clean, staff were friendly and visits ran on time. Great job!

Sarah Darby

I was extremely nervous for my wisdom teeth removal but the second I walked in it was bright, people were helpful and very clean atmosphere. The doctor and all the women working there did a fabulous job making me comfortable and telling me exactly everything that will happen. Definitely worth the drive out to Lee’s Summit to get a marvelous doctor. Would highly recommend anyone and everyone there. Had a great experience.

Jordan Preece

I was treated for a bone spur in my lower jaw. The procedure was very fast & efficient. The word “nice” doesn’t do justice for him and his staff. They were beyond nice. He & his staff go out of their way to make you feel as comfortable as possible. If possible I would give them a 10 star rating.

Scott Grasher

My experience at this office was great. The staff were all very friendly and professional. They listened to my concerns over issues I have had in the past and handled it accordingly. I would definitely go there again.

Debbie Osburn

Dr Haggerty and his team are wonderful! Had a procedure there and experienced no issues. They called me multiple times to check in to see how I was recovering. They also worked with me and my crazy schedule during my follow-up appts.

Shaun Ashley

The removal of my son’s wisdom teeth went smoothly. Dr. Haggerty answered all of my son’s questions. Staff was very helpful and professional.

Denise Bricker

Today I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed. With it being my first time having any type of surgery I was very scared and nervous but Dr. Haggerty changed all that. He was very nice and explained everything to me. He would let me know what he was doing before he did it and made sure he had my approval before doing it. He let me know that I would be fine and I was in great hands. His staff is amazing they are very nice and did everything to make sure I was comfortable. The best service I ever had. I was definitely in great hands. Thank you for everything you’ve done.

– India Johnson

Cannot say enough great things about this practice! They have a wonderful facility, knowledgeable and friendly staff, and Dr. Haggerty is amazing. I felt very at ease throughout my procedure, all things considered as I was there to get a wisdom tooth pulled.

– Shannon Overfelt

The entire staff is very professional and friendly.

Krista Mead

Smooth experience for my daughter’s wisdom teeth removal. Five stars for customer service- office staff (especially billing) super kind and helpful.

Emily Armstrong

FIVE STARS FOR DR. HAGGERTY AND HIS STAFF I got my first implant , including bone grafting (after 20+ yrs of missing my tooth). Dr. Haggerty and his staff did an excellent job – I highly recommend Lakewood Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Specialist. Thank you Dr. Haggerty and staff and keep up great work!

Mary – Lee’s Summit MO

PHENOMENAL service! Best experience having a tooth pulled out while being awake. HIGHLY recommend this facility and the entire staff for being so efficient and friendly!

– Joshua Schutte

Staff was very professional, courteous and competent. I had a very painful cracked tooth that needed to be extracted. They got me in within 24 hours. I would definitely recommend this practice to anyone who needed an oral surgeon.

– Blair D.

“Dr. Haggerty and his staff are amazing! Both of my kids had their wisdom teeth pulled on the same day. It was a Friday morning and they called to check on them and see if I had any questions multiple times. They even called on Saturday! When I did have a question about some pain my son was experiencing they told me to bring him in and they would see him right away! Highly recommend Dr. Haggerty and his wonderful staff!”

– Amy Wilbert

“Everyone was so wonderful! I really felt they cared about me and my family. Dr Haggerty went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable, and not self conscious. I am not done yet and I have no anxiety about going back. (I have always been scared to death of the dentist.)Thank you all very much for everything!!!”

– Nanette Danner

“I have worked with Dr. Haggerty many years. He is a caring and knowledgeable oral surgeon. I highly recommend him and his office! 🙂 They took great care of my dad and his needs.”

– Jade Wackerman

I have worked with Dr. Haggerty many years. He is a caring and knowledgeable oral surgeon. I highly recommend him and his office! 🙂 They took great care of my dad and his needs.

– Jamie Thurman-Taylor

“I had all four wisdom teeth removed recently. Everyone was really nice which made everything go smooth. The office has followed up several times, this makes me feel like the care.”

– Josh Valentine

“Wonderful Office !! Everyone is efficient and kind and Dr Haggerty calmly speaks to his patients and helps them relax and comfort his anxiety. Had ww walks the kids to the car! And even took time for a pic in recovery!!”

– Jennifer bown

The experience I had having my four wisdom teeth removed far exceeded both mine and my wife’s expectations! As many people are, I too was considerably nervous about the procedure and anesthetics. However the professionalism, attentiveness to my needs, and and genuine passion behind Dr. Haggerty and the staff’s work was very evident throughout my entire experience. A more granular breakdown of my experience is as follows: Sense of value: 10/10 Friendliness: 10/10 Professionalism: 10/10 Comfort Experience: 10/10 Modernness of Technology: 10/10 Overall Experience: 10/10 

– Jordan List 

“I just want to say that this was an excellent experience for a wisdom tooth extraction. The post procedure instruction they provided worked to perfection.”

– Dylan Wilson

My dad was a patient here first, and he spoke so highly of his experience that there was no question where my husband should go. From beginning to end, the service was exceptional. Dr. Haggerty and his team took care of my husband’s extractions with ease. Pre and post-op, they kept us informed as to what to expect and how to take care once we got home. We had an excellent experience, and should you need oral surgery, I give them my highest recommendations.

– Samantha Wheeler

Had two wisdom teeth removed a few months ago and the staff and Dr were great! The nurse made me feel comfortable and the Dr was friendly and went over everything before doing the procedure. After I woke up he personally came in to make sure I was ok and helped me to my car (which my husband drove ;)). They were all extremely nice and knowledgeable. I would recommend this place to anyone!

– Rachel Cunningham

“Friendly and very welcoming, everyone on the staff including Dr.Haggerty were very kind and reassuring. The new office is very clean and inviting.”

– Caressa Wright

“I got my four wisdom teeth out last week from this place. It is a nice place that has amazing people that help you feel comfortable than scared like movies make it seem. I highly recommend them if your thinking of getting your wisdom teeth out. They will also call you a couple times to make sure everything is doing great and if you have any questions.”

– Suzie Young

“I had a tooth extraction, bone graft, and implant done by Dr Haggerty and his staff. The procedures couldn’t have been any better. Dr Haggerty and his staff made me feel very comfortable. I experienced no pain after tooth extraction, bone graft, and implant! Very pleased with Dr Haggerty and his staff. Would highly recommend!”

– Laurina Ford

“My 20 yr old daughter had all four wisdom teeth pulled and our first impression of their new location top notch and great location. All staff very helpful and friendly. Relaxing and refreshing place to wait for your loved ones. Hot coffee and tea while you wait. Everyone made sure all our questions were answered. Dr had a wonderful bedside manner and even walked my daughter to the car. It is worth your drive if you are far from them. I have already recommended them to others.”

– Debbie Hopson

“Such a great atmosphere. Dr Haggerty and staff were very professional. Wait time was short, less than 30 min. Would highly recommend!!”

– Kaley Lyons

“I have to say, when you actually look forward to your dentist appointments, you know you’ve found an awesome dentist! Dr. Haggerty and his entire staff are amazing! I’ve been seeing them a lot lately, and I am always met with a warm welcome and excellent service. Of course, the fact that they provide coffee doesn’t hurt either.”

– Dana DeMoure Umscheid

“Our son had his wisdom teeth removed and the doctor & staff were wonderful in his care & follow up care Thank You!”

– Susan Smith

“Everyone was very welcoming and friendly. We would recommend this beautiful facility and Dr. Haggerty!”

– Laura LF

“Dr. Haggerty and his staff were amazing today. They made me feel like family. I had no pain during the procedure and everything was explained very clearly to me. I would never go anywhere else!”

– Diane Davis

“Don’t wait until you are 30 to get your wisdom teeth out. Seriously do not.

The care at Lakewood Oral was 2nd to none. Look at all the 5 stars and you will see.

My surgery was about 4 hours with very impacted teeth. My wisdom teeth would flare up every few months and leave me in terrible pain. The after care was brutal. Because my wisdom teeth were so impacted it was very close to my nerve in my jaw. It has been almost a year and I still do not have portions of feeling back in my lip. Not sure if I ever will.

I do not know what I would have done without the constant follow ups with my Doctor. They understood the tremendous amount of pain I was in and helped me every single steo of the way during that brutal recovery.

Do not wait to get your wisdom teeth out. Do it ASAP. If they hurt, get them to cut them out because time only makes it harder. The place to go is Lakewood. Trust me, I am a fool who waited a decade too long and the results could have been so much worse.

You will be 100 percent taken care of here.”

– Adam Snell

“Excellent and courteous staff. Any questions were explained in detail. Will highly recommend this office for dental needs.”

– James Willey

“I was very nervous about my procedure but the staff was fantastic. Would definitely recommend.”

– Chris Haake

“No problems at all – pain free!”

– Elaine Meyer

“Great customer service!”

– Megan Bruch

“Today Dr. Haggerty removed all four of my wisdom teeth. I was comforted as each step of the process was explained as we prepared for the procedure. The procedure itself took less than 1 hour, was completely painless and stress-free. I am currently following the recovery protocol and it is way better than I was anticipating, mainly due to the great work of Dr. Haggerty and his team!”

– Zach Brady

“My son, being only 7 and this being his first “real” experience, I was a little nervous. We had a great experience and would highly recommend this office. Very informative and patient!!”

– Courtney Wilson

“Like most people, I have very bad dental anxiety. The doctor and nurses were very calming – from the gentle tones of their voices and being thorough in explanation of steps which furthered my ease through the process. The surgery itself was very quick, and while I am sore today, I can tell the recovery process will go quickly.”

– Jordan Leah Hale

“I have never experienced a more personal, caring staff than at Lakewood. I have a lot of anxiety with dental procedures and I was crying. I felt so embarrassed, but couldn’t help it. The doctor and assistants were very comforting and understanding. I had my upper wisdom teeth removed under general anesthesia and never had any problems. I never even had to take a single pain pill. I will be using them in the future if myself or anyone in my family needs dental surgery.”

– Kenya Ryan

“I have never been a big fan of the dentist but I had to get my wisdom teeth out. I was sent here to get this done and it changed my outlook on the dentist. They were very nice and Dr. Haggerty made it a easy process. He definitely took the stress of getting this done. Thank you very much for that.”
– Jeremy Jones

“Fantastic place to go to. Surgeons are friendly, everyone has smiles, absolutely superb experience. I would recommend anyone to go here. Even after I got my wisdom teeth pulled they were courteous and able to help me afterwards, even to the point of me coming back immediately no questions asked to make sure everything was healing well.”

– Christopher Abuhl

“Had a broken tooth that had to be pulled and a crown made. The people at Lakewood OMFS were awesome. They explained my options, and worked with me to figure out the best solution. The price was lower than I expected, and all of the procedures were completed as promised, with very little discomfort. I would highly recommend them for any oral procedures that you need.”

– Robert Stephanek

Chris and his team are amazing! Chris is very calm and always makes you feel so comfortable. I would recommend him to anyone!

Kendal Milburn Hackett

Truly the most professional, most compassionate, most kind group I have ever been to. The respect they have for one another and for their patients is 5 stars +! Dr. Haggerty is the kindest and most compassionate surgeon i have ever met and his staff are just as great! Great group!!

Kim Dunlap

"Dr. Haggerty was very professional, along with his staff. They took great care of me. Called me the evening of my tooth extract and also the next morning to make sure things were well."

- Denise

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